Saturday, 27 September 2014

Daily Okanagan wine tours

Daily Okanagan winetours & tastings offered March through October. Please inquire about our off season wine tours that run Mid October to Mid December. The Okanagan Valley showcases some of the very finest wineries in the World. 

Friday, 26 September 2014

Okanagan Dinner & Wine Tours

Kelowna and the Okanagan Valley produces a wide variety of award winning wines. We invite all our area visitors and residents alike to join us in a most enjoyable tour visiting wineries, sampling local wines, and then to top off the experience, join a group of friends for a wonderful dinner what could be better than that not permitted to taste the wine.

The Okanagan Area is known for its amazing wineries generating top quality wines that regularly win national and international bottles contests and recognition. Few wine-producing regions in the world can match our combination of mountains, lakes, fresh air and intense sunlight with so many grape varietals.

Over 30 wineries are located in Kelowna with well over 200 bottles makers in the whole Okanagan Area region. The sun-drenched valley surrounding Kelowna is marked with farm-gate bottles makers too, where each vintage is adoringly bottled by hand. All bottles makers offer bottles tasting. Wine trips can last from 20 minutes to an hour, depending on the vineyard. 

Many wineries have unique and delicious food services available. Gourmet regional delicacies, tapas-style fare or cheese and fruit platters are served either indoors or on protected patios, all with amazing lake and valley views. Bookings are not required. Tours are open to people of all ages, however guests or youth under the age of 19 are permitted to taste the wine. Enjoy a wonderful evening with family and friends, visiting wineries, tasting fine Okanagan Valley wines and enjoying superb food!

We offer a variety of Okanagan wine tours to suit your group, from visitors to locals out to have a great time together with friends and family. Learn a little of our area history as you sample wines, tour our Valley and enjoy our local restaurants all as one enjoyable experience.

We at Okanagan Dinner & Wine Tours would like to share our area knowledge and our sense of fun and provide you, our guests, with the  Ultimate Okanagan Wine and Dinner Adventure.

We are extremely pleased to provide the entire Okanagan Area, such as Kelowna, Western Kelowna, Peachland, Summerland, Penticton, Oliver, Pond Country, Vernon. Looking for a wine trip in any of those areas.

We offer a unique under the surface look at your containers market in the wonderful Okanagan Area. Visits function everyday introducing the amazing things of the local wine makers. Be a part of us to fulfill the local vintners, move the wineries, engage in a amazing food and containers combining at the afternoon meal, appreciate unique samplings and so much more.

Specializing in all inclusive bottles trip offers, tours consist of pickup and drop off from most Southern Okanagan locations, guaranteeing everyone can appreciate the day without worrying about any time behind the wheel. Our bottles trip offers also consist of all bottles tasting fees, and a gourmet lunchtime is served at a specially chosen restaurant on full day tours. The only time you will need to bring out your wallet is perhaps to purchase a special bottles or two to remind you of your journey. For more information visit the site .

Thursday, 18 September 2014

Naramata Bench wine tour

Naramata Bench is home to some of most highly acclaimed Okanagan wineries to visit, each in a beautiful setting, each offering a selection of award -winning naramatawine tours. Some offer a wide array of full-bodied, barrel-aged reds, delightful whites, ice wines and even sparkling wines.

Unforgettable Wine Tours

At Experiencewinetours, Naramata bench wine tours provide wine country visitors with an unforgettable, personalized, and expertly guided immersion into the wine and food culture of the Okanagan Valley. The Naramata Regular is a place of great elegance and character. Over 20 store wine makers have secured their claims to this prime farming land. Some are situated on the attractive moving mountain tops of the Naramata Regular, while others are located at the edge of coves that fall perilously towards Okanagan Pond, a amazing setting, perhaps the most picturesque bottles area in all of North America.  With elegance comes quality as well. Long established as Canada’s leading grapes growing area, the bottles of wine of Naramata Regular share a fine reputation of fantastic workmanship and culture.

Naramata Regular bottles country is a must visit location for bottles enthusiasts and those seeking scenery of amazing elegance. We look forward to pleasant you to the unique comfort of the Naramata Regular. A winery lunchtime stop is included on this trip and guests are welcomed to choose from a selection of delicious selection items at their own expense.

Naramata Bench containers country is a top destination for containers enthusiasts. The meandering country roads dotted with containers creators and the spectacular views over Okanagan Lake enthrall visitors. Our containers creators enjoy presenting their renowned wines, containers creators, and events in relaxed and fun ways, so plan to visit the Bench soon for exceptional containers and containers experiences.

Okanagan Wine Country Tours is the most established and one of the leading specialists in wine country touring. We offer courteous guidance and firsthand knowledge including insider secrets in a concierge-style experience. Our core programs include: delectable wines, great food, and convivial company as our guests embark on half-day, full-day, or custom tours.

Our high-class journey automobiles are stylish yet cost-effective and unadorned with advertising to provide a invisible journeying experience for our guests.  As the market has expanded, so has Okanagan Wine Country Visits. We have created key connections with top quality accommodators, world-class resorts, fine restaurants, air passage, travel companies, customized journey suppliers, and major suppliers such as Costco and MasterCard to advertise containers journeying within the Okanagan Area.

Our visitors arrive from all over the globe to encounter our expertise and our dedication to quality service. We are extremely pleased of our preservation rate with our current clients and compensate them for their ongoing dedication to our career.

We are your authoritative guide to Okanagan wine country, including the best restaurants and insider’s information on the best wineries to visit and bottles to try. There’s no tour company better to help you explore this beautiful region and its impressive wines.Okanagan Wine Tours offer more tastings, more wineries, and more fun! Our tours take you on a journey to unique winery experiences, as well as visits to the ‘must-see’ wineries in the beautiful Okanagan Valley. Naramata Bench is home to some of most highly acclaimed Okanagan wineries to visit, each in a beautiful setting, each offering a selection of award -winning Naramata Bench wines. Some offer a wide array of full-bodied, barrel-aged reds, delightful whites, ice wines and even sparkling wines. For more information visit the site .

Thursday, 11 September 2014

Wine Tours at Okanagan Valley

 Welcome to all wine beverages lovers! Kelowna and the Okanagan Area is a wide range of top rated bottles of wine beverages. We encourage all our area guests and citizens as well to be a part of us in a most pleasant tour- going to wine beverages makers, testing local bottles of wine beverages, and then to top off the experience, be a part of a number of friends for a wonderful dinner.

Okanagan wine tours & samplings offered Goal through Oct. Please consult about our off season bottles trips that run Mid Oct to Mid December! The Okanagan Area features some of the very finest wine makers in the World. With over 90 of them in the area, the task is to decide which of them you’d like to see. Experience wine tours has chosen a selection of wineries to show you, from the large scale estate winery to the small family-owned vineyard that you may not have heard of, but may never forget! We’ll chauffeur you directly to the experts who will show you the answers to every question you ever had about the art of winemaking. Experience the art of winemaking first hand. Let us do the driving, while you do the tasting. 

Wine tours and powder hounds keep us pretty busy but it’s hard to resist some of the other fun things to do in the Okanagan valley when your van is equipped to haul 14 people, 10 mountain bikes, 6 pontoon fishing boats or whatever other apparatus you might need to swing, slide, roll or float your way to a fantastic time in or around Kelowna Create and plan your own personalized getaway with a British Columbia vacation tour and adventure today. Click here to learn more about our unique fishing charters, mountain bike trips and more Canada vacations.

We have informed many people about our latest journey with Okanagan Bottles Nation Trips to the Okanagan Area. This journey was by far the best we have ever knowledgeable, and we’ve journeyed to many wine areas across the world. The Okanagan Area has it all and more. What an enjoyable shock. We thank you for discussing your wonderful wine area with us.

Westside Regular Flavored Experience-Our most popular Okanagan bottles trip an encounter you won’t want to miss.The cruise with an amazing lunchtime abdicate includes Mission Acropolis Family Property, a charge see battleground vineyard, Quails’ Gate Property Winery additional two added bottles makers. Our bisected day tasting appointment takes you to four bottles makers to sample amazing vintages. Eastside Regular Wine Tour - This Kelowna bottles cruise will booty you to appointment three altered bottles makers on the east ancillary of Okanagan Pond, anniversary audibly different, and Carmel is Dupe Dairy articles Artisan for the best dupe cheese and gelato alfresco of Italy. The cruise with a lunchtime abdicate lets you appointment summer acropolis Pyramid Winery’s Sunset Bistro, overlooking the river. Enjoy aggregate from top affection ability brewing, to BC’s oldest and best awarded vineyard, to a distillery appointment that will break with you for years to come.To top it off, taste currently available wines at the beautiful bottles museum. For more information visit the site .